Chemo #2

Second course of chemo has now been done. Back to sleeping 12 hours a night! Hair loss almost complete – I have a head that looks fuzzy and rather nekkid.  Also got a mouth ulcer – was hoping to skip that particular side effect!

Otherwise life is fine. I am reading a lot (when I am actually awake, anyway!), sleeping a great deal and not suffering any loss of appetite. Which I actually wanted. I mean, I am four stone overweight – cancer treatment is supposed to make you bald and skinny, innit? Not in my case – I have had no change in taste and have an increased appetite – which Daughter says is good and that I will have lots of reserve to fight the cancer with – I suppose she is right. Damn her!

She did ask what I intended to do on my birthday – Sleep, I told her, Sleep and maybe get a little drunk.

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4 Responses to Chemo #2

  1. Margy Rydzynski says:

    Stay strong, Bookmole!

  2. leendadll says:

    Bummer about the hair but I often hear that it grows back fuller, curlier and darker…. so I hope you like that kind of thing.

    Glad you haven’t lost your appetite. Sure, weight loss seems like a bonus – but it really isn’t when you’re dealing with other stuff.

    Wishing you good luck with further treatments. And LOTS of sleep!

    • bookmole says:

      Went to bed at 8pm, went to sleep at 8.20, slept through (with toilet breaks, but as I just fall straight back asleep, I sorta don’t worry about them) till 8am, worked till 1pm, slept from 2-5.30, ate dinner, went to bed at 9, slept right through – is there such a thing as too much sleep!??!

  3. Redscylla says:

    Sleep is good! As long as you’re getting up to perform your bodily functions, there’s no such thing as too much sleep. The bald, fuzzy head sounds totally adorable, but sorry about the mouth ulcer. Ouch! Hope your birthday is restful! 🙂

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