CP#2 – Here Comes the Port

I have just had a port fitted, for administering chemotherapy. And the fucker is itching all to hell¬ I feel like I am going to rip the thing out before I even get any chemo.

And let me tell you – this was not the best experience, medically, I have ever had. Far from the worst (that was passing a kidney stone) but man…

I have had two holes cut in my skin, a tube threaded through a vein, a pocket made in my chest, just under the skin, then a port fitted into that, packing applied, stitching done.

All under local – LOCAL IS YOUR FRIEND! – and some fairly heavy sedation. But I could still feel all the pulling at, and through, and up, and pushing down. And stitch, stitch, stitch.

So far, oddest things from cancer diagnosis are Blue Pee and Green Poo. The second came upon me unexpectedly on me, failing to freak me out completely only because I did expect Blue Poo and my brain went into hero mode, shouting out Bloo  Dye = Bloo Poo Too! Thanks brain!

Now I am trying to get enough pain killer in me to stop this itching….

EDIT: My SIL, who is a Nursing Sister has just been on the phone. Sadly, she laughed when I asked when the itching would stop…


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5 Responses to CP#2 – Here Comes the Port

  1. Margy Rydzynski says:

    Damn! That sucks. I hope you manage through this okay.

  2. leendadll says:

    OMG… itching makes me CRAZY. Maybe they can give you anti-itch pills (I take them for hives).

    Yes, blue dye can result in blue OR green outcomes. Glad you had fun with it! But why did you have blue dye in the first place?

    sending more good jujus.

    • bookmole says:

      I had the blue dye for a Sentinel Node Biopsy – I had radioactive isotopes injected the day before, and blue dye on the day, and then they take between two and five little bits of your lymph nodes out and send for analysis. This is so they can tell whether or not they have to remove the lymph glands from the affected side.

      Go me! My glands were all clear, so I get to keep my handy little lymph glands in place, selflessly fighting the good fight against infection.

  3. lauowolf says:

    Hey, I spent August having a kidney stone, and yes, it beat out childbirth, bad bad stuff.
    No blue pee though, so hey.
    (But straining the pee while intensely nauseous, not so okay…)

    Local is great, but they ought to give you earphones with it.

    And itching is the devil itself.
    Elizabethan collar time?

  4. Kzinti says:

    I hate doctors, needles and the whole works. Can’t imagine how awful the itching from hell must be. Worst I’ve had was one of those IV thingies jammed in the back of my hand. I could not wait to get that sucker ripped out of there. I would go nuts.

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