Sweet Fossils Above!


4koma comic strip - Fossils: How Do They Work?

Me neither. But now that America has outsourced space flight, it looks like we are all stuck here, with the loonies.

Honestly, wtf?


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2 Responses to Sweet Fossils Above!

  1. Spike says:

    Hmm. How about this?

    Dear MurielJCompton, The Bible also doesn’t mention potatoes, tomatoes, or sweetcorn. I trust you don’t feed your child any of these things, lest he be led to question God’s Truth. The Bible also doesn’t mention America or the United States; they too must be Satan’s works, and all who dwell therein will be cast into the Pit when the Day of Judgment comes. Hope this helps. Have a nice day!

    Personally, I can’t wait for The Rapture (rescheduled for October, isn’t it?), although I prefer to use Douglas Adams’ name for it: the B-Ark.

  2. leendadll says:

    just… wow… and sad

    i think our next US mission is to conquer Mars. So they’re might still be hope for escape.

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