Update to the Daughter Saga

It has now been five weeks since the “accident” and Daughter is still not allowed to put any weight on her knee for another five weeks. Five more weeks of crutches. Poor thing.

The worst bit for Daughter was when they first took the cast off, after the operation. It was the first time she had seen the operation wound (Oh, Mum – I am going to have a minging scar!), then suffer the removal of the 21 staples that were holding the wound closed. It was also when we found out that Theatre Staff are Not Qualified Plasterers – and yes, that is what the Plaster Room staff call themselves. Yes, it made me lol too.

When a person receives a full leg cast (from upper thigh to toes) the foot should be set in a neutral position, ie, as if standing. Daughter had spent the last three weeks incorrectly cast in an On Point position, the position our feet assume when lying down.

Oh my, this is bad. In three weeks, her tendons had stiffened and shortened so much, the Plasterers had to force her foot into the neutral position. In fact, they failed, getting only 3/4 of the way there, so she had to return a week later for a second cast.

By this time, her heel had developed a blister, so it was decided (after much discussion) to put her in a shorter cast, from upper thigh to ankle. End of blister.

However, this meant she had to return to have the cast replaced a week later – it will start to slip, they warned us, and she will need to change it.

So we trekked off to Hillingdon again. However, now she has NO CAST – just a leg brace, which is mostly to stop her knee from twisting. And we have to get her to physiotherapy at Hillingdon @ 8.30 am next Thursday for her first appointment. And if Husband cannot take us, it is £15 for a taxi each way – she is NOT ALLOWED on public transport until she can put weight on her leg. I put that in caps as that is how strongly it was stressed to us.

I think we should definitely make a claim against the cyclist who caused this – even if it is just to reclaim the transport costs. Damn you Bloody Cyclist!

Thinking of turning this into a lamp, with a boot and a pink frilly lampshade. Any other ideas?

In other news, I have been to see Dave Gorman, where my sandals were admired, watched a lot of the iTunes festival on iTunes where I heard the best Rolling in the Deep cover ever – Linkin Park – who would have credited that! If you have iTunes, give them a listen. And Swedish House Mafia – they rocked!


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