Accidents Will Happen…

I have spent the last week two weeks with Daughter in the clutches of our National Health Service, and report that it is both doing well and quite badly.

Last Saturday, Daughter ran in a 5k Fun Run dressed as a Sumo Warrior. All was going well until Daughter and an unknown cyclist had a collision.

Wham! Daughter in agony, cyclist over handlebars, Daughter driven over winning line in a golf buggy (which I of course failed to get a picture of. In fact, I called out Cheating! [blush] )

First we took her to the Minor Injuries Clinic in Hillingdon. This is where Husband went last year, when he suffered an injury to the ligaments along the side of one of his fingers. This clinic has a much faster turn-around time than that of Northwick Park A&E but is about three times as far away.

So, we get there and are seen in 20 minutes. First diagnosis is ligament damage, but hey – let’s take an x-ray just to be sure. Another 20 minutes. NOT ligament damage, but a fracture, and we have to make a decision. To go to Hillingon Hospital, which is 8.5 miles from home but which has strong links with the Minor Injuries Clinic and where we will be seen very quickly, or to take all the notes and go to Northwick Park, where MIC has no links, and we will probably have to start the average 2.5 hour wait, but which is only 2 miles from home.

We elected for fast and speedy, and drove her to Hillingdon, being extremely grateful that we have a Ford Galaxy with removable seats, a high wheelbase and big sliding doors.

And it was fast and speedy – we arrived, handed over the notes and were in a treatment room within 20 minutes.

That’s the good.

The bad is treatment meant staying in overnight, and Daughter went from surprisingly upbeat considering the pain she was in to majorly depressed.

The above is the good.

The bad is….

Saturday – we will probably operate tomorrow.

Sunday – nil by mouth from midnight. At lunchtime told no, we are going to scan your knee tomorrow and then make a final decision.

Monday – scanned. Yes, we are going to operate tomorrow (this after long discussions in front of Daughter regarding yea or nay to the op, which in my book comes in a Good category)

Tuesday – nil by mouth again and prepped for surgery. At 11.30 told it was off, at 12.30 told it was on again, at 3.00 told no, sorry, definitely off. Here, have a snack box to keep you going until mealtime.

By this time Daughter is beginning to give up any faith in the operation being carried out at all, but is cheerful and upbeat again – I think it’s the painkillers but give thanks for small mercies – I love Daughter but having to be nice to a fractious, grumpy person because they are in pain pushes my tolerance to it’s limits.

Wednesday – nil by mouth again. Prepped for surgery again. However, finally, she is taken to theatre and is in recovery by 4.30.

Thursday – whoa. The morphine has worn off, the nurses are late giving her her pain meds and when the physio comes round with crutches for her to try, she just cannot imagine being upright and maybe hurting her leg even more.

Friday – Released! We have been busy at home making the front ground floor living room into a temporary (and yes, Daughter, it IS only temporary!) bedroom for her. Not bad – comes with Sky+, three games consoles (though I suspect the Wii is beyond her right now), iPod speakers, WiFi – all the mod cons.

But she is hating it. She hates being dependant upon anyone.

Updates to follow.


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4 Responses to Accidents Will Happen…

  1. Oh dear, poor daughter and poor parents! Best wishes to all!

  2. bookmole says:

    Thanks – she is bearing up very well, considering. And she so hates that we have to “do” for her. Independent, my Daughter. Very.

  3. leendadll says:

    eegads. I hope everything heals up rapidly & correctly!

    and, for reasons unknown, I thought you had stopped blogging. Glad I finally came over and checked. I’ll un-private you in my blogroll so I remember to check in more often!

  4. Redscylla says:

    Oh good grief. On the one hand: sumo costume fun run = hilarious. On the other … ouch! Hope she’s healed up by now and they’ve found what sort of treatment she needs.

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