Never again, I say. Never.

The Things You Learn *

The above snack food item consists of little hollow balls of crispy, slightly gluey sort-of-cheesiness.

According to the nutritional information on the side of the packet, 1/6 of a bag has 135 calories.

That means a full bag contains 810 calories.


That bag has more calories than a snack food has a right to.

Instead of eating that, you could eat these:

A nice roast dinner (750 Calories), a medium baked potato topped with tuna and sweetcorn (650 calories), a medium portion of cod and chips (800 calories, a large donner kebab with chilli sauce and mayo (800 calories) or drink 5 and a half large glasses of white wine (810 calories).

Which would you rather have, really?

No, we didn’t eat them. We gave them to the boys as they sat round, playing computer games on the TV.

* Plus. A whole on-line experience of Shopping for Ex-Pats. Wow. The internets – what would we do without them?

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One Response to Never again, I say. Never.

  1. Kzinti says:

    But.. They are so good. I order a couple bags a year of Cheetos Bacon Cheese Balls from Australia, since they are the only ones in the world who make them. Shipping is a bitch, but it keeps my cravings under control. LOL

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