Things on Thursday…

… the more alliterative second cousin of Things on Tuesday.

Good Thing – I now have, thanks to the vagaries of Easter, the British Bank Holiday system and one Royal Wedding, gaining 11 full days of holiday for 3 days of holiday entitlement. Like many other lemmings in the UK, I have taken advantage of said vagaries and thus am ruining the economy by not working.

Bite me.

Bad Thing – I have lost my credit card before I have even had any holiday.

Good Thing – Cancelled credit card, and no monies have been taken.

Bad Thing – That means it will probably turn up somewhere.

Baddest Thing – Losing a credit card many times when married to a man who has never lost a credit card, wallet or key.

At least I don’t have to tell him till Monday…

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I am pro-choice. You make yours, I'll make mine, okay?

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