30 Days of Books, Day 09 – Drapery and Snobbishness

Day 09 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

Kipps by Herbert George Wells.

Back story.

I went to a small school and, when it came round to doing O-Level English Literature at age 15 going on 16, my English teacher asked my what book I wanted to read.

The course was one Shakespeare (either Romeo & Juliet or Macbeth – I chose the bloodthirsty one!), a poetry book (The Ablemarle Book of Modern Verse) which was compulsory, and a choice of three or four novels. I can’t remember all of them now, but I chose T H White’s The Sword in The Stone, the wonderful book that became the Disney film.

So, I was all set.

BUT the school could not (or would not? I wonder now) find enough copies of The Sword in The Stone for us all to have a copy. So we were told No, it’s Kipps for you.

Well, I decided Not for me, thank you! I didn’t read it in class when I was supposed to; I refused to get involved in the discussions; I certainly never did any of the essay work! How I got away with it, I do not know.

So, there I am – exam days away (and I do mean days) when I thought Shit. I had better read that damn book! and did.

And I loved it! Wells’ story of the young man and his changing life was unexpectedly good.

Oh. And I aced the exam too – 95%. Not bad, considering.

from Wikipedia: Artie Kipps is an orphan, raised by his uncle and aunt, and then apprenticed for 7 years as a draper (based on Wells’s own experience). However, his life suddenly changes when he discovers through reading a newspaper that he is the grandson of a wealthy gentleman. He inherits his fortune and is abruptly thrown into upper class society, and struggles to learn about etiquette and the rules of public society; he soon discovers what it is to be a true gentleman.


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  1. rossruns says:

    I had not heard of this. Thanks for the tip!

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