30 Days of Books, Day 3 – And the Winner is…

I have been giving this a lot of thought today. It’s hard.

Rachel Morgan. Harry Potter. Jim Butcher. Lee Child. The ones from childhood – Narnia, The Borrowers, Enid Blyton’s wonderful evocations of an English childhood that no longer existed even then. LotR. Terry goddamn Pratchett’s Discworld. The list goes on longer, I am sparing you here.

So I had to apply sideways logic.

Which Series would you take with you as your book on Desert Island Discs?

It was going to be Lee Child. I just got 61 Hours, then realised I also had Gone Tomorrow unread too. And that reminded me of how much I like Jack Reacher and his uncompromising refusal to interact with society the way the rest of us do, his honour and his heroism.

But I also have Pale Demon, the latest in Kim Harrison’s Hollows series. And it’s got all four of the major protagonists travelling across America to clean Rachel’s name. Rachel is feisty and does not give in easily, has suffered and has loved.

Harry Potter was surprisingly easy to discard – for all the wonder, I should have come across it as a child first.  Likewise, the childhood series; are they good, or am I just nostalgic?

Jim Butcher has two series and they are both good  Harry Dresden, kick-ass wizard-PI in a leather duster and with a lot of attitude, and the Codex Alera, good, well-crafted, unusual fantasy on the heroic side.

But in the end it had to be Terry Pratchett. Well crafted, sideways looks at life through a very different eye. And there are so many. Spoiled for choice, so it’s going to be even harder to pick my favourite book of the series.


Maybe I should pick a shorter series…



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3 Responses to 30 Days of Books, Day 3 – And the Winner is…

  1. gingersister says:

    I recently decided I wanted to start trying to own all the Discworld series. Then I remembered how many there were. I still want them, but I want someone to wrap them up and give them to me. I have not found a book in the series that I didn’t like. They’re all interesting, amusing, and like you said, a sideways look at life as we know it. Good choice.

  2. bookmole says:

    I am lucky enough to have them all. I started with Discworld when it was new, which is giving away my age lol. My BFF bought me the new one for my birthday for many years. These still exist on my real world shelves, as well as my digital ones. Love the man, love the works.

  3. rossruns says:

    What a great choice! I love the Discworld series but find myself reading the books in fits and spurts. A few books is about all I can handle. Nowhere near having read the entire series, but one day maybe I’ll own them all. 🙂

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