30 Days of Books, Day 2 – A Book I’ve Read More Than 3 times

The only book I have read that many times is Lord of the Rings.

Oh, go on. Laugh. I don’t care.

It may have some tediously long sections (thank god they cut Tom Bombadil out of the film!). And Tolkien’s portrayal of women was lamentable.

But this book still has it all – scope and grandeur, humbleness and beauty. Frodo and Sam’s journey into Mordor through the marshes still, after all these years, still makes me shiver.

However, I doubt I will read the books ever again now – I will sit down with my bottle of wine and my Special Extended Version DVDs whenever I feel the need for some elvish fighting!

First read – Age 11, borrowed from the school library
Second read – age 16, on a camping holiday from hell
Third read – age 25, bought from a second-hand shop in Jerusalem
Fourth read – When I heard about the films being made. I thought Well, they will screw this up! So I had better make sure it’s all straight in my head now… yes, I am that much of a fan…



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8 Responses to 30 Days of Books, Day 2 – A Book I’ve Read More Than 3 times

  1. Jemma says:

    Do you know, Lord of the Rings is the only book that I’ve ever started but not finished. I always complete a book once I’ve started reading it, no matter how god-awful they are, but i just couldn’t finish Lord of the Rings.

    It’s not that I thought it was a bad book, I just somehow couldn’t get into it at all. I’ve tried many times now and every time I end up putting it aside for something else. I’ll try again sometime soon.

    To be honest though I couldn’t get into the film either….. too many long battle scenes 😉

    • bookmole says:

      I admit it is long, in parts tedious and not well written. Probably would not get published today, at least not without major editing!

      That being said, the book set a standard for fantasy. It is a classic. And I first read it when I was feeling very alone – who doesn’t feel alone sometimes? And it made me forget, for a while, being alone. So it will always be a Book I Love.

      And if we all liked the same things, wouldn’t life be bloody boring!

      Are you going to do the meme? I always enjoy reading aoout what others are reading.

  2. crankypants says:

    The only book I’ve read more than even twice is The Catcher In The Rye (5 times). But not for about 10 years now.

    • bookmole says:

      I hated Catcher in the Rye. I read it for O-Level (exams at 16) and thought maybe that was why (how many books that you are made to read do you actually like?)

      So I tried again. And could not finish the book. Just – no.

      But if we all liked the same authors, publishers would go out of business!

  3. rossruns says:

    Good choice, although here we normally consider it a series of 3 books (The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King), rather than 1 novel of 6 “books” (2 per each of the above volumes). Easier to market that way, and easier to swallow when you’re only reading 400-something pages at a time, rather than 1200+ in one book!

    • bookmole says:

      First time I read it, it was as three books. Second and third times, it was an omnibus and big. Very big!. Fourth time was a nifty little box set of three books that Husband got me for Christmas. And, as it is the only “book” I have read more than three times, I had to pick it.

      Three or more and I would have had more choice.

  4. Jemma says:

    I probably won’t meme on my blog but I can do it here 😉
    There are actually a fair few books I’ve read more than three times; I’m a very quick reader and always running out of books so just re-read what I’ve got. I read the Borrowers books, His Dark Materials books, Little Women series and Narnia books countless times as a child.

    As an adult I’ve re-read many books mote than three times, The Time Travellers wife, Behind the Scenes at the Museum, Cloud Atlas and The Moon’s a Balloon are a few that spring to mind, but the book I’ve read the most times overall (we’re talking 20 plus times!) is Tender is the Night. I just find it a beautiful evocative book and bitter-sweet story.

    Whoops I’ve gone on a bit, maybe I should put this on my blog after all 😉

    • bookmole says:

      I thought Time Travellers Wife overrated after I finished it. But the story and characters kept coming back to me. So I guess it really was as good as I was told! The Borrowers – oh yes, I must have read that more than a few times – I wanted to find some Borrowers so badly (greedy little tyke – why more than one!) What with looking for Borrowers and the way into Narnia, it;s a bloody wonder I ever grew up…

      The Moon’s a Balloon – that’s the Niven bio, yes? I did enjoy that, more than the second one (which I cannot remember the title of now). Cloud Atlas I have somewhere – that will have to be A Book Waiting to read. And I have yet to read Tender is the Night. On such a recommendation, perhaps I should make an effort to find a copy.

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