Verizon Wireless is the Devil

Verizon Wireless is the Devil.

I suspect I do not have to convince many people of this. Go read about how Verizon have ripped off Aid Worker Sara and her partner.

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5 Responses to Verizon Wireless is the Devil

  1. rossruns says:

    I agree that there is some sleaziness going on there, including the fact that VZW refused to work out a solution with them, but some of those claims are over the top.

    A store employee deliberately and dishonestly convinced them to purchase Droids instead of Blackberry phones knowing their international data plan would not work on the Droid phones? Hardly. Most cell store employees know 2 things: Which phones they sell and what are the stock service plans they can offer to local US customers. I wouldn’t expect a Miami VZW store employee to know the intricacies of international service, especially as Verizon is not known for international service plans. Most VZW phones do not work internationally, plain and simple.

    I personally have many specific and custom piece-parts to my VZW plan. I have NEVER had a problem calling their customer service department and getting routed through the various channels until I come to the representatives trained to deal with customers needing customized plans.

    I’m not saying the onus is all on Kathy and Sara, but going to a local VZW store and trying to get a custom international package is like someone who wears custom orthodics fit by an orthopedic surgeon going to a local sporting goods store where they sell replacement insoles and having the salesperson there recommend the $20 gel insoles as the best fit for their situation, simply because that’s their most popular product sold. If you’ve got special circumstances, you need to know better than to trust a base-level employee without some verification!

    • bookmole says:

      I don’t get Verizon here and, honestly, have heard nothing good about them till your comment. I just know that any industry where an Unlimited Data Plan can be a Data Plan with 500mb a month is not good. And she asked nicely for people to spread the word.

      • rossruns says:

        Yeah, I understand. And I hope by getting the word out it helps her resolve the issue – I definitely think Verizon’s in the wrong for not working with them to come to a solution that can work for them.

        My “Unlimited Data Plan” with Verizon is 5 GB a month, I believe. I’m not sure I understand why Kathy/Sara can’t get by on 7 GB a month. Unless you’re downloading movies or libraries of music, it’d be damn hard to reach that. Even when I tether my Droid to my computer for web surfing, watching streaming videos, downloading podcasts, etc, I have never come close to hitting that cap on a monthly basis – I think this month I hit 1.7 GB.

      • rossruns says:

        Oh yeah, and in the time since I owned my first mobile phone, I’ve had contracts with Sprint, Cingular, AT&T, and Verizon. Of all of them, Verizon has BY FAR the best customer service and overall mobile service. In my case, it’s AT&T and Sprint that I’ve heard nothing good about, and almost all of my family and friends have contracts with Verizon for that very reason. 🙂

        • bookmole says:

          I used to have 2gb, which is enough for me. But then it was dropped to 1gb, and this new plan is only 500mb. BUT I have a brand new, shiny phone with WiFi, so when I most often use it (to Google when arguing in a pub, doing crosswords at a computerless friend’s house, chillin’ in the coffee house) I use that, rather than the plan.

          It got me in Prague good though – my old phone automatically went to the WiFi first – this one has to be told each time. Ye gods, all I did was access my reader, email and WP – that cost me £7.00 plus in International Roaming Fees. Damn you, Three Network! (Actually, hits self upside the head for taking a new, untested phone abroad with her!)

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