Update to #18 of #365

Update – I looked in the local freebie last night. The accident was reported – the guy was taken to Northwick Park A&E, where he was found to have a broken arm, and to be over the alcohol limit. So he is being charged with Recklessness in care of an Infant, or whatever the legal term is.

But he is OK and the baby was OK.

Mother was UN-OK and fumingly angry – angry enough to come to the hospital and punch him, breaking his nose as well. The police are not charging her, but did caution her for Making an Affray in a Public Place.

So now I just have to wonder – do I still try to capture candid shots of strangers or do I not?

Am feeling less shook up and more gung-ho about it now that some time has passed.


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4 Responses to Update to #18 of #365

  1. ryoko861 says:

    Look at it as an experience. Don’t let it detour you from doing what you like to do. This just happened to be a freak thing that you witnessed. If it happens again, may I suggest taking up crocheting or something.

    I think the legal term you were looking for was “Reckless endangerment of a child” maybe? They just can’t say it in layman’s terms….”putting an infant in danger while being drunk.”

  2. rossruns says:

    Definitely still try to capture candid shots. It would be sort of lopsided if you limited yourself in your photography, or limited yourself to only certain types of candid shots, etc. Take the bad with the good and remember that it’s unlikely you’ll have something as horrific happen again, since you’re not trying to seek out that sort of graphic experience (e.g. you’re not wandering around a war zone or ghetto hoping to catch people in their worst moments). As long as you don’t let it affect you, you can always come by with your editor’s eye later and nix the shot from every making it anywhere except your camera/computer trash bin.

  3. leendadll says:

    Yes, keep taking pics. Life happens. Most of the time it’s good. Sometimes it’s not. It would be a shame to miss the good things because of a few bad things.

  4. Boston Margy says:

    Do the candid shots, absolutely. I think the wife was well within her rights to bop that fool in the nose. Drunk, and with a baby. Jerk.

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