#18 of #365 – No Daily Picture Today

See, I was in Tesco, buying broccoli and tomatoes and a sammich. Waiting in the queue to pay, I let a guy ahead of me with his kid asleep in the pushchair.

Paid. Left. Was putting away my purse when I realised the guy was gonna cross the road in the most stupid of places – not at the lights, where there is a pedestrian sequence; not at the bollards where there is a safe place big enough for a person and a pushchair. No. He decided to just come out of Tesco and cross right there. Because that it mid-way between the two safe crossing places and man – that’s so fucking long to walk there.

So I got out my camera to take a picture to accompany this rant. Cos I hate that people are so stupid and reckless. Bad enough with their own lives but to push a child into the road ahead of you, or drag a toddler across behind you – I see it so often, and I worry.

And today. Shit today. As I took the picture, a car hit him. NOT the baby, fortunately. but he went flying, and the cars had to stop and he was crying out and fuck fuck fuckity fuck I sure as shit ain’t posting that picture.

So here’s a picture of a kitten. And ducks.

And it seriously makes me wonder how war photographers do it. 



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7 Responses to #18 of #365 – No Daily Picture Today

  1. Jemma says:

    Oh my goodness! How awful! Was he okay? I bet it really shook you up! You should send the photo to the police, or Tesco so they can help highlight the dangers 😦

  2. bookmole says:

    the car stopped, and there seemed to be no need of me. There were other witnesses – I did tell the police that the car just clipped him – he was half-way across the road when it happened. I think I may be dreaming – sorry, having nightmares about this – for a while.

  3. ryoko861 says:

    I’m glad he wasn’t killed though or the kids were hurt. Stupid, just stupid! You’ll be alright after a day or two. Nothing you could have done about it. Can’t save everyone.

    Ducks and kitty are nice though!

  4. leendadll says:

    A fear of your experience is what prevents me taking pics of people being retards.

    I was pretty sure I was going to watch a car drive off an ramp yesterday but they pulled out of the disaster at the very last second. PEOPLE ARE RETARDS

  5. Kzinti says:

    Holy fuckballs! Only thing worse than stupid people killing themselves is killing themselves and the kids. Sheesh.

  6. rossruns says:

    Yikes, that is so horrible. I’m sorry he was such an idiot and you had to witness it. (Also, hope he’s okay, dumbass that he is.)

  7. Boston Margy says:

    Oh, God, that sounds horrible. The guy was being an idiot, but certainly didn’t deserve a reminder like that. I hope the baby was okay.

    And the kittens and ducks were fine, thanks.

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