#17 of #365 – England has Changeable Weather

I know that I have missed three days.

On Saturday I had the “Meh” kind of hangover – you know, you lie on your sofa, watching crap on the TV and thinking “If only I could move”

On Sunday, I had the “Holy Shit!” kind of hangover, where the world moves constantly, your head has a brass band in, practicing (badly!) and your stomach wants to move to another country. One without Beer. Or Whiskey. Or, in fact, ALCO-BLOODY-HOL, thank you very much.

So Monday was spent doing all the shit I did not do on Saturday or Sunday, and a day’s work too. All in all, crap. So those days did not exist in A Post a Day.

So, back to the Picture Posting.

This is 7.29 am this morning. I call this Dog in a Bubble. Sorry about the crap mobile phone picture! But that’s what it was like. I could barely see Heidi when she got another 20 foot away.


By contrast, this is the weather now (13.53 pm) while I am stuck in the office, working. Lovely clear winter blue sky.

Damn. Why could this not have been the other way round!



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