#12 of ‘365 – Spring is Coming, oh be Joyful!

Bugger. I did do this yesterday, but somehow saved it as a draft! So, I post it now.

Today has been a gorgeous, sunny (though still cold) January day.

And look – life is springing anew into being.

These are our neighbours’ daffodils. Theirs always erupt first, even though we both have a sunny front garden. So, yes, spring is on the way.

Then I was photographing the dead grass heads – the light was catching them, leaving the wall behind in shade. They didn’t come out that well – sob for the camera dropped in Prague! – but look! Even the dead grass is not quite dead…

New growth in the midst of the old growth – Nature, you bring me hope! For a long, warm summer. That’s what I hope for. Instead of the floods and rain of the past two years.

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2 Responses to #12 of ‘365 – Spring is Coming, oh be Joyful!

  1. Boston Margy says:

    Holy cow! Where do you live? We just got another 12 inches of snow, with another storm due for tomorrow.

  2. bookmole says:

    That is the good thing about living in the UK – being an island means our winter temperatures are not as low as they should be, given our latitude.

    If you look at an atlas and go west from England, first landfall is Canada. And we sure as shit do not get Canadian winters! Thank you, lord, for the sea that keeps us warm and toasty (relatively speaking).

    And I am fairly sure it’s gonna get wet and miserable now February is here.

    Hope you keep warm with all that snow! I saw a picture of a guy standing in the street and by his feet were the road signs (which would normally be above his head, right?) I cannot comprehend snow like that, I just can’t. Never seen it, never experienced it. Never want to, come to that!

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