Wrinkled Ladies – Lolling My Socks Off!

If you are one of the few people in the world who have not seen Beyonce’s Single Lady, watch this first:

Otherwise, just watch this. And worship the awesome.

See, I knew you’d lol.

Cause I like it, but I should have put some cream on it,
Can’t fight it with a glob of Vaseline on it
Don’t be mad when you see your skin don’t fit
Can’t hide it so you gotta make peace with it.

I nearly forgot! Thanks to the awesome of Freedom Smith for the link!

And, just for variation, one of my favourite mash-up vids – Beyonce vs Tom Petty, If I Were a Free-Falling Boy

This is as Update Post – a music or video post updated because all the old links go via DeadVox. Originally published on June 11, 2010. And while looking for Wrinkled Ladies, I found the following video, of Katy Brand performing Single Ladies for Sport Relief. Enjoy this too!

Katy Brand – website wiki
Beyonce – website wiki
Sport Relief – website wiki
Anita Renfroe – website wiki

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