#11 of #365 – Sleepy!


Now that Youngest has a job, maybe we can excuse his constant sleepiness. He did get up earlier, about 10, but when he remembered that he did not have work today, he went back to bed.

This was taken while he waited for lunch.

Then he went back to bed, till 4.30, when a friend called by.

Honestly, it’s like living with a teenager! Oh, wait – he still is!


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2 Responses to #11 of #365 – Sleepy!

  1. ryoko861 says:

    Oh, please….mine…19….is up ALL night, goes to bed at like 1 in the afternoon……and “snoozes” for the rest of the day. Maybe he’ll join us for dinner, maybe not. Has one stinkin’ class at county college. I told him he needs to get a job. It’s pathetic. What a slacker.

  2. bookmole says:

    To be fair to Youngest, his job starts anywhere between 5pm and 7pm, and he will not get home till after 2am. So he does need to be asleep late Unfortunately, he shares a room with the only non-working member of the household, Eldest, so Eldest has an excuse for sleeping late!

    Was I like this? I like to think not, but honestly – I expect I was!

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