#10 of #365 – Toilets and Things

My ex-Vox neighbour, Ross, has a great post on restrooms – go here for the full text.

He has given a lot of thought to restrooms – more than I thought was rational – till I remembered that I too have a favourite loo at work.

These are the three toilets we have. For a two storey, twenty office building. Three toilets. So it is suprising that I rarely actually meet anyone in there.

But my favourite is the very first one.

Loo One – One side is an empty toilet. No loo in there, just a hole in the floor. So no neighbour on that side. Stable seat. Door locks.

Loo Two – OK, but unless someone has stuffed toilet roll in the top, when you pull the paper, the front of the dispenser falls off and usually hits y0u. And honestly – you would think you would remember this, but you don’t. Door locks but you have to work at it. Not good when you are in the sort of hurry that means if you don’t get those pants down right now trouble is on its way!

Loo Three – OK, but has one of those seats that slides to the side when you sit on it. Plus another crappy lock.

And, because I am being honest, I must stand up and admit that I broke the dispenser in Loo Two. Another reason to avoid it!

Now I am going to bed to nurse this cold.

God. I hate colds.

I always get sinus infections, so my face aches and I can’t breath. It’s cos I have polyps in my fucking nose. I found this out when Medical Staff wanted to put a tube down my nose to look in my lungs – I had had bleeding in my throat and they wanted to check my lungs out. But they couldn’t get the tube down because of the previously unknown about polyps. So they put it down my throat. Pity they hadn’t given me the full sedation – apparently I was fighting them, I gave one poor nurse a black eye!

And after all that, the bleeding was diagnosed as being from a polyp that had burst. Not TB (as my doctor had thought) or lung cancer (as I feared, being at that time a smoker)




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3 Responses to #10 of #365 – Toilets and Things

  1. Boston Margy says:

    Oh, my. It must be those loos! They’ll get you every time. Hope the hot water works in there. Soap? Or am I dreaming?

  2. ryoko861 says:

    Loo One is for the…..um….customer service(not the ones that reside in your country, the outsourced ones).

    I’m blaming all broken toilet roll dispensers on you now.

    And broken locks.

    I can’t imagine the scare you had. I hope your feeling better!

    Note to yourself: Bring hand sanitizer with you AT ALL TIMES! I’m not a germaphobe but it’s out there for a reason. Comes in little bottles that you can carry around.

  3. rossruns says:

    Restroom introspection is totally a thing now! 🙂

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