#7 of #365 – My Toilet is so Ghetto!


As if today hadn’t been bad enough – an unexpected full day at work instead of half a day, spilling most of my lunch soup into my lap, and getting home to find Daughter all fired up about a party she was going to throw (I said No to that – the last time she threw a party (New Year) I did all the clearing up plus Husband is doing a Grow Your Business Course which is intensive study) – I then went and sat on the toilet seat AND THE FUCKING THING SNAPPED. And pinched. Fuck did it pinch!

So I now have a broken loo seat and a bruise along my thigh that looks like the mark of a whip.

Honest to god. I am going to bed and tomorrow had better be better!

Oh – the duct tape is to remind people not to sit on it till a new one has been fitted. I tried sitting on the tape, it still moves uncomfortably underbum. Not a sensation one wants when one is weeing!

This is one of three toilets in our house – ground floor, toilet and washbasin, pictured above; family bathroom on the first floor, with toilet,basin, bath and shower, and a wonderful, wonderful en suite to our room on the second floor. Sometimes I have to buy loo rolls for all three at once – I get some odd looks then!


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7 Responses to #7 of #365 – My Toilet is so Ghetto!

  1. leendadll says:

    “loo rolls”… hahahaaa (very amusing phrase to a Yank)

    honestly, it is nice to read that someone else had a trying day. if tomorrow isn’t better, you’ll hear about my rampage on the evening news! i hope your Wed goes well!

    • bookmole says:

      Well, I woke up with a raging sore throat and an inability to talk in one register for more than three words at a time. As part of my job is phone-answering, I’ve elected to take a sickie.

      Sick= Bad
      Being at home = Good

      So I think, all in all, I am ahead in the good stakes, so far…

      • leendadll says:

        I considered taking a sick day/month/year but decided I’d rather save them for another time. I manned up today and pushed work back to the retards generating it – so my day was difficult but not as bad as yesterday (but their Thurs is gonna suck).

        Fri is the Miss Kitty’s Finale and I plan to decompress, now that I remembered I not only have a hotel but also planned to leave the driving to taxis!

  2. Kzinti says:

    I went out just yesterday and had to buy for the entire house. I swear, these kids use it to shine their shoes, wrap sandwiches in or something. A roll can disappear in a day. So I bought four cases of it and that should hold me until February. Sheesh, ought to invest in one of those paper shredder machines that makes roll paper…

  3. bookmole says:

    MiddleSon uses endless loo roll to blow his nose. I thought that would stop when he left his teens behind, but no. Why he can’t buy tissues like anyone else I don’t know… Actually, I do. Because the toilet paper comes out of his rent / contribution to the housekeeping, call it what you will; tissues he would buy himself!

  4. rossruns says:

    Yeah, with a wife and two girls under 6 (who are enamored with the concept of toilet paper but don’t know how to use the proper amount), we go through about a roll a day. Then there’s my niece, who is living with us and somehow uses a roll every other day just by herself. We’re buying a 24-pack of paper every couple weeks, it seems like!

  5. ryoko861 says:

    OH I CAN SO RELATE TO THAT!!!! Of course, the reason they break is because they’re made in Mexico. Or of course, China.

    I think we’ve been through about 5 in this house within the last 8 years.

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