#5 of $365 – Red is My Favourite Colour!


This is where I work on my computer, which currently resides on the floor and on the dining table, which is not a very good place for it.

I have just spent a few hours taking a screenshot of all my passwords (8 pages in all) then keying them into a spreadsheet, which is going to be encrypted with PGP encryption and stored on the server at work. It was long, and tedious, and worth it.

For tomorrow I get my new HP Pavilion laptop in Bright Shiny Red. It will match my phone. I am not a Style Victim here. I just like red.

I am so excited – this Dell is suffering from the Endless Windows Update Syndrome, and no matter how much I defrag and crap clean, it’s now running like a sprinter with lead boots on.

So. It has wireless, no more tripping over the network cable as we come into the room! That’s a bonus.

And I get my side cupboard back at last.

And I get a new laptop. What? I already mentioned that? Sorry!

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