#4 of #365 – Prague in Winter

This epitomises Prague at Christmas.

Beautiful. Snowy. And so cold you can’t do anything outside that does not involve exercise.

No sitting on the benches overlooking the river.
No lying on the grass, watching the world go by.
And no sitting outside, drinking coffee or sipping wine.

Also – and on a side note – how dumb was I starting a Photographic Post a Day blog after I broke my decent camera (in Prague!) leaving me with a Fuji F11 or a HTC Wildfire camera phone. Which is not as good as the one on the Nokia E71.

Dropping a camera onto cobbles – cobbles win, every time. Got my fingers crossed that it’s mendable – here’s hoping!

Didn’t take any photos today – too busy buying a new toilet seat and general stuff for the house shopping. Too bloody dismally cloudy too!


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One Response to #4 of #365 – Prague in Winter

  1. Kzinti says:

    Love the little pointy spike jutting from the snow on the top of the wall. Nothing says old soviet like spiky walls…

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