#3 of #365 – A (Nearly) Organised Herb Drawer makes for Happy Cooks


Today’s job completed. One herbs n spices drawer cleaned and tidied: all jars wiped, relabeled, refilled where necessary, rinsed and reused where necessary.

The OXO tin got a clean. I think (hangs head in shame) it has never been cleaned before. It’s older than any of my children. It felt – furry. No – like suede. So that had a soak and a scrub.

Plus I know I said I relabeled / labeled everything and I can hear you, there in the back, muttering What about that one, huh? That cork top with no label, top left-hand corner? THAT hasn’t got a label!

Well, that’s because that jar is older than any of my children, except Daughter. 24 years of oil from hands = no surface adhesion for labels.

And I finished just in time for Youngest to make Thai Red Curry with Salmon. Made the sauce from fresh, skinned the salmon fillets, made coconut rice. Yummy – that child has come a long way from the Oh, just open a can of beans!


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2 Responses to #3 of #365 – A (Nearly) Organised Herb Drawer makes for Happy Cooks

  1. Kzinti says:

    What, no Frankincense and Myrrh? Why, whatever will baby Jesus do now?

  2. leendadll says:

    I think I own about 8 spices, not including salt & pepper. I’d love to know how to use curry, and even make my own, but that won’t happen without a kitchen remodel.

    On a cute note, my spice cabinet is a built in. In most old homes, it’s a conversion from old built-in fold-out ironing boards (in the kitchen?!) but I think mine is too high for that and was always a spice cabinet. One of my old neighbors had (and probably still has) a built-in toaster, right next to the dining room table. How cool is that?!

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