#2 of #365 – Shoe. It’s a Shoe. Why is she posting a picture of a shoe?

And it’s a crap, pisspoor photo of a shoe.

BUT that’s cos I is a bit drunk.

Today Husband bought 4 pairs of trousers, 6 pairs of boxers and three pairs of shoes. That’s – that’s – 26 items of clothing. For himself. In one hour. That’s a record. Believe me. I have been married to him for 24 years. I know these things.

He had to take two pairs of trousers back, though – they didn’t fit. Too big. The other brand, same waist, fitted fine. So he still has a credit note with Bhs, only this time it’s for £30.

All those clothes? In the sale.

So the total for all 26 items was under £200.

Pretty good.

And why is there a superstition about putting new shoes on a table being bad luck? Surely that is the only time to put shoes on a table – before they have trailed through the muck we call life?


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