#1 of #365 – Damn But It’s Cold Today!


The bus stop never got this frosty, even during the really cold weather we had recently. It was very humid yesterday, though cold, so the subsequent heavy dew caused this visit from Jack Frost.

This is where I catch my bus to work, either the 114 or H10, when Husband isn’t giving me a lift. I got there this morning just in time to see them both vanishing through the traffic lights and away. Luckily there was a 114 close behind – I just had time to take the photo and get on the bus – which stopped four or five cars away from the stop and opened it’s doors. I do like a run in the morning!

(I tried to send this three times via mobile WP – and failed. Sent just the photo as a draft, and it worked fine. Oh with a title – blank posts not allowed!)


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