Beauties and The Beast

You have This leaves me conflicted.

Part of me – a big part of me – says “No! This is bad! Women should not be judged by their size and looks!”

And part of me says “Shit, bitch. Do something better with yourself.”

funny celebrity pictures - BEAUTIES & THE BEAST

You have to realise that until recently, although I had heard of Jersey Shore, I had never seen it, and thought it was a bad soap. Not a reality show!


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2 Responses to Beauties and The Beast

  1. Kzinti says:

    Yeah, but the skinny, preppy ones tend to be so vain that they are no fun. the other girl probably is pretty comfortable with who she is and will be a blast to take out somewhere.

    • bookmole says:

      True. Very true. But – shit. Look at her.

      Shiny shiny legs. Ugg boots. Pink velour. Stand up straight, girl! Do something – anything – with that hair, which is clean, at least.

      And now Snookie has made me dislike myself for being shalllow!

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