5WordChallenge – January 6, 2011

How it works:
Write an entry of any length or style using five assigned words. Bold the five words. Tag your blog post with ’5wordchallenge’ and any other tags you wish to add. Feel free to pingback to this post or provide a link to your entry in comments. New words will be posted in two weeks.

Words for this challenge were chosen by kimkiminy:

Shudder, fur, aspire, wanton and range

If you’d like to select words for an upcoming challenge, visit Red Pen’s blog and leave a private message.

Should you aspire
To set men on fire
So they shudder while calling your name
Wear fur and be wanton,
You will find them wantin’
To see you again and again…

Get them a cookin’
while you do the lookin’
For money and fortune and fame.
A range of emotion
as deep as the ocean
Shouldn’t cause you any pain.

When time has passed
And you look your last
On all those men you have known
Money and things
Don’t give you wings.
Remember, we all die alone.


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I am pro-choice. You make yours, I'll make mine, okay?

5 Responses to 5WordChallenge – January 6, 2011

  1. Kzinti says:

    Um, where’s the fire extinguisher?

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