I had to return Unwanted / Non-Fitting / Otherwise Unsuitable Christmas Presents and experienced the full gamut of Returning Goods. Bear in mind all the receipts for these goods went I lost my purse, just before Christmas.

First I took Husband’s jeans (supposedly the right size, but actually the wrong size) back to Bhs. There the very nice lady scanned the labels, and issued me a credit note for £44 – which is £14 more than I actually spent. When I pointed this out to her, she shrugged and said “Well, that’s what the system has said to credit you.”

So one Big Fat Win.

Then to Evans, to return a pair of trousers I bought without trying on. They looked great on the hanger, but made me look like my bottom and hip area was stuffed with rocks (and not small ones, either!)

There I was told “No receipt? Sorry, cannot issue a credit note or gift card. However, if you would like to find something of equal value, we will do a replace.”

So I got some trousers, and knickers. They kept the hanger for the trousers, but let me have the hanger for the undies. I ditched that pretty quickly!

Then I went to Blacks, our local camping supply shop, to return a hat and glove set I bought for Husband, a really nice thermal set in preparation for our Trip to Prague.

There I was told “Sorry. No receipt, no refund. Bring in a statement showing the purchase, and we will then refund to the card.”

The only thing worse would have been going to a fourth shop and being accused of stealing the goods lol!

So Husband has six months to get another pair of jeans and some new underwear, I have new stuff, but the hat and gloves – well, I suspect we will not be shopping there any time soon!

And talking of not shopping there anytime soon – I also went to Robert Dyas today, to buy a new kettle, as ours broke. I saw a nice Russell Hobbs glass kettle and thought “Yes, that’s the one for me!”, took it the the checkout, only to find it was £5 more expensive, as Dyas, in their wisdom, have decided to charge VAT at the till. Bugger that! Not usual practice here, and I truly hope it never becomes so.


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  1. leendadll says:

    I can’t remember which store but some major chain here in the US now auto-checks credit card purchases when you try to return without a receipt. I gave them my card and THEY found the purchase and refunded it. It was awesome!

    Double-score on the bonus credit, as most places do it the other way round … “sorry you paid $100 for that but you have no receipt and I show it’s been as low as $15 in the past 90 days so we’ll only give you $15 credit”.

    I love that kettle!

    • bookmole says:

      That’s generally the way it goes here, too. But Bhs are a very good chain.

      The kettle is rather cute – it even has a little limescale filter, which I proceeded to knock off the first time I filled it. Whoops, I thought, what’s that little black thing floating in the kettle? Fortunately, Husband fixed it.

  2. Kzinti says:

    When we moved from California to Missouri, they were ten years behind in all the technology out there. We went to the store and expected to be able to swipe a debit card and looked around for the card reader. Not any card readers to be found anywhere. When we asked about one, they gave us this blank look like we were from Mars. LOL. they must have listened though, because about a year after that, they had them installed.

    • bookmole says:

      We still find some places here – generally small businesses – where you need to sign, rather than Chip&Pin. That’s because Chip&Pin is to protect the card issuer, not the business, against fraud. If you have a small family business, such as a butcher or greengrocer, where people come regularly,you trust them not to defraud you by card. And, of course, Chip&Pin cost the retailer more money.

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