Hello New Year!

I have been doing catch-up on all my blog friends for the past few days, cos Christmas was hectic. Then realised I have not posted anything but web stuff for too long.

So. My Christmas – how went it?

Well, it went well, thanks for asking. Apart from my purse being lost or possibly stolen on 23rd December, that is. What a time to lose money and credit cards – one shopping day left to go and things to buy! Fortunately, most of our outlets are Chip and Pin, so I “borrowed” one of Husband’s cards to get the last few things – a new tablecloth and mats, some lights, that sort of stuff.

Daughter did most of the prep and cooking of the turkey – she did Nigella’s Brined turkey and cooked it for – I did not believe this – three hours. And it was a big bugger too – 7.7 kg. And it was perfectly cooked, and beautifully tender and moist. Without lots of extra fat. Though I think we did corner the market in goose fat! Maybe that’s why my trousers are now so tight…

We had family over for Christmas dinner for the first time in years – since MiL was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, we went to BiL & SiL’s house every year. But she died just over a year ago – last Christmas was, as traditionally, at BiL & SiL’s (even though they are now getting divorced) but this year was our turn to host the festivities.

And Daughter did us proud – she cooked a three course meal for nine people without a hitch, and served it up at 2.30, giving ample time for coffee and digestion before the family headed off home. Well done, Daughter. And thank you, Nigella.

I did feel a bit guilty about opening our pressies while they were still there, but otherwise it was not going to get done until midnight the way things were going!

I got a Wii. Never wanted one, thought it was a crap present and (apparently) it showed. However, now I have used it, I am a Wii addict, and am only 200 points of becoming a tennis playing professional, so there! It’s quite a well thought out exercise regime, which should help with the Must Lost Weight This Year resolution I got going.

Which was not helped at all by a three night trip to Prague, beautiful snow-bound Prague. Where the food consists of meat and carbs, and beer. Lots and lots of beer. Beer drinking capital of the world, Prague. According to Daughter, who researched all this.

Photos will follow. When I can bring myself to handle my broken camera. Which I dropped. Onto a very hard floor. And when I have worked out how to get the photos off my phone. Which is new, touch-screen, red and confusing the fuck out of me. I cannot even answer it reliably. Must be this new-fangled technology is too much for an old git like me!

New Year’s Eve Daughter threw a party. I got plastered, Husband was plastered, and Daughter’s new boyfriend stayed over. He is nice enough, but he lives in Essex, and we live in Middlesex. London lies between. I know we have tubes and all that, but honestly – it’s bloody long!

Gotta get back to work now – lunch break is over. So will sort out Prague stuff tonight.

Happy New Year to all my ‘hood, and may the new year bring you all the joy and laughter, love and happiness that you need.


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One Response to Hello New Year!

  1. Kzinti says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. I bought the Missus a new camera after Christmas. they had all sorts of them on sale, but about a month before Christmas, they had a good deal on a 10MP camera and I got one for my business. She liked the simple menus and the great price and wanted one, but they weren’t on sale at Christmas, so when they finally lowered them again, I brought her one home. Came with a 4Gb memory card in it too. She responded with, “$Gb memory? Holy cow! I don’t think I’ll EVER take that many pictures”. So I reminded her of the time she got that 20MB hard drive and how she said she would NEVER fill that… Ah, technology…

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