Well, are we?

Conversation in kitchen last night:

Youngest Son – An electric knife sharpener.  That’s cool.  Let’s get one.
Me – No – there are some things that technology doesn’t’ improve.
Youngest Son – What – are we Amish?

Originally published on September 30, 2006:
It’s now three four years since this original post, and we now have an electric knife sharpener. And I do not like it, much. It does the job, but I prefer a steel.
So yes. I guess I am Amish at heart.



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3 Responses to Well, are we?

  1. Red Pen says:

    Oh, fiendish boy! Funny.

  2. ryoko861 says:

    That’s funny!
    Being from the outskirts of Amish country, I can appreciate that! You have to give those people credit for living in a society that has grown way past plows driven by horses and candlelight. They still seem to maintain that “simple and plain life”.

    I have an electric knife. I never use it. I hear it’s good for cutting soft styrofoam……if you ever need to cut styrofoam.

    Found you blog through a search of Jeremy Clarkson. I’m on my way now to that blog post.

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