Things I Have Learnt From Scuba

Free Divers are FIT!

The first no fins, no suit freedive through the Arch, a 30m long tunnel connecting Dahab’s Blue Hole to the Red Sea at a depth of 55m.

If you go to the post, there is a lot of “Not possible” going on, disregarding the fact that William holds the Constant Weight Without Fins record. This is an AIDA free-diving discipline in which the free-diver descends and ascends by swimming without the use of fins* or without pulling on the rope or changing his ballast; only a single hold of the rope to stop the descent and to start the ascent is allowed.

Constant weight without fins is the depth discipline of freediving that is most challenging, because of the physical effort needed to swim without assistance.

* Another thing I learned – never call Fins FLIPPERS. Big no-no. I have stopped that, but I still say Wet Suit when I mean Dry Suit.

If you like the music, it.s by FC Kahuna. Full video below.

A link to William’s profile on Vertical Blue.


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  1. Kzinti says:

    Love that music! Thanks for sharing!

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