What the…

Awesome statue of Jesus Scourged at the Pillar (36″) by Images of Heaven.

I have left the full title in because I am appalled at the thought that this is supposed to be Awesome. World Peace would be Awesome. The Hadron Collider is pretty fucking Awesome. God himself is Awesome.

But seriously – this is NOT Awesome. This is a tacky and rather disturbing Indoor Statue sold by Images of Heaven that I am supposed to want, and spend money on to have it IN MY HOUSE.

For the love of God (and I genuinely mean that) WHY?

Worship and belief aside, this is THE single most hideous thing I have ever seen suggested as Indoor Decor.

There are more images on the site (including the removable Crown of Thorns – mustn’t forget that detail!)

Could you feel comfortable dusting this? And please, think of the children! Suffer little children to come to me, Jesus said. Surely, not looking like this…

Went back to the site to find the price – it is not shown on the first page, you have to click the Order Statue button to find that out.

So, how much do you think? It’s made of  fibreglass, can be used outdoors or indoors and comes in All One Colour and Natural Living Colour, as shown above.

The One-Colour Jesus looks pretty gross too – not as viscerally disturbing as the painted one, but really – who needs a Jesus figure suffering from a major skin disease (it’s that three-dimensional aspect of the wounds, you see…)

PRICES for this 36″ tall Piece of Awesome?

All one-color (all white, all brown, all gold, etc.)
$650 + Shipping quote.

36” Natural living colors (life-like)
$840 + Shipping quote.

Whose gonna get me this for Christmas, then?


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I am pro-choice. You make yours, I'll make mine, okay?

2 Responses to What the…

  1. Boston Margy says:

    Yes. I think something like world peace, or even peace of mind would be awesome. Faith is awesome, whichever one you hold. Depictions of violence are not awesome. Gross.

  2. Kzinti says:

    More like Zombie Jesus, or Leper Jesus. It’s ok baby, you can keep the tip…

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