QotW – What Planet Would You Visit?

Are we talking real planets here, or imaginary ones?  Cos it’s important. There is a hell of a lot of difference between Mars, the Red Planet and Barsoom!

I don’t think I actually want to visit another planet right now – even though, as those of you who follow my blogging will know, I want to go to space so much sometimes it hurts that I never will – I prefer NOT to have to wear a diaper for my bodily wastes.

Plus we are not actually suited to being in space. Not without limits. Our biology is too tied to Earth – we need gravity to keep us fit and healthy. Without it, our hearts shrink, we lose bone and muscle, and our metabolism is affected, leading to loss of immune function.

So it’s going to be fictional.

And, because it’s Fictional, folks, I can cheat. And stay on Earth. Hey – it’s a planet too! Because, as any science fiction reader will tell you new planets are scarily dangerous places to be.

The only trouble is, so are most places in stories set on earth!

Fuck it.

I’ll just stay at home, and wait for your postcards.


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2 Responses to QotW – What Planet Would You Visit?

  1. Boston Margy says:

    Well, Spirit and Opportunity could send you postcards. They might take a few years to get here, though.

  2. Kzinti says:

    I’d go to Forbidden Planet. they had a robot who could make anything out of nothing. Awesome!

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