eBook or Dead Tree?

My neighbour, Jane Sleeps Here, is debating the benefit (or not) of buying a kindle. I commented as below, and decided to share, so if you, too, have a reader you can go share the experience.

I got an iRiver for Christmas, and I love it.

1. It’s light and easy to use
2. It reads more formats than any other reader out there.
3. It handles DRMed and DRM free books
4. Has a nifty comic reader.
5. If it matters to you that friends and strangers do not judge you by what you are reading, get a cover.

1. Don’t read it in the bath! Otherwise, treat it as carefully as you would a mobile, and you should be OK.
2. Really needs a cover to protect that screen / prevent accident damage generally.
3. Needs more charging than the specifications say. I suspect that is true of other eBooks. And the Story does not come with a mains charger, so I had to buy one.

But whatever you decide, don’t think that you can only have Dead Tree Books or Books on Plastic. Really, I still get both.

Go Here to let her know how you feel about the Kindle or eReaders in general.


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