Earthshine « Lights in the Dark

Earthshine « Lights in the Dark.


“I’ll never forget this place…seeing this makes the heart soar and the soul sing.”
– Douglas H. Wheelock, STS-120 Mission Astronaut

A view from the window of the International Space Station, taken on by astronaut Doug Wheelock, shows external structures lit by a cool blue light reflected off our planet – “Earthshine” – while the bright crescent of dawn blooms within the thin line of our atmosphere. Stars – the light from other suns billions and trillions of miles away – shine in the distance. It’s another stunning view of our world from 220 miles up, and through the “miracle of modern technology” we are able to share this view and many others like it as quickly as the images can be uploaded to the internet.

Go look up Lights in the Dark’s page, he has some truly wondrous images to share and fine commentary to go with them. If you’re a space freak like me, you WILL enjoy it.



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