I Need a New Hat

Walking Heidi in the park this morning was torture. It was soo cold. I had on a hat, but it was a bobble hat (sans bobble, I hasten to add – I don’t do bobbles!) which kept slipping forward till it was resting on my specs, and leaving my ears and neck all cold and exposed.

Bugger this, I thought. I’ll go and get myself a Peru Hat later today.

I had one like this in mind:

Imagine my glee when I visited the Fashion Police just before lunch. And found this wonderful, wonderful hat:

Wow – not only will it keep my head and ears warm, but my chest as well. A multi-functional hat.

I could even wear it as a cape:

Sorry, honesty prevents me saying this truly is wonderful. Awful maybe. But that’s Maison Martin Margiela for you. Overpriced (this is $4,450 / £2,802.00) and UGLY.

Made from Murmansky fur and Polyester (polyester – jeez, push the boat out, why don’t you!) and needs “Delicate Dry-Cleaning”; another expense. And it will be needed – imagine what it will look like when it gets wet!

And what is Murmansky fur anyway?

(quick riffle through the internets)

Oh shit.  I should NOT have asked myself that question.

Cute! Much, much cuter than the monstrosity they made from her fur. And most Murmansky fur comes from China. You don’t want to research how they get the skins if you have a delicate stomach, cos it makes for bad, bad reading.
(Warning – last link is to a video. And it could keep you up at night.)

But this is China – worst human rights records in the world; why would they care about an animal?

I take it all back.
I hate this hat.
I would never wear this hat.
I will never wear Murmansky fur.

And I am sorry, little canid, that I even for one moment thought it worth laughing about.


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2 Responses to I Need a New Hat

  1. Kzinti says:

    Umkay… You could always have a friend knit you one. LOL

  2. leendadll says:

    That hat is an awesomely horrible design. If it was completely fake fur, and about 1/10 the listed priced, I’d consider buying it and wearing it with pride.

    I wasn’t dumb enough to follow the links. I already know more than I want about fur products made in china (dog and cat fur!).

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