Random Picture Round-Up

Alan Rickman does Evil so very, very well.

No,  Mr.  Diggory

Even Daleks need reading lessons…

And this little Dalek cried "Exterminate!" all the way to Earth

Happy Shatnerday! And Happy Baked Potato Day too.

Why am I hungry for baked potatos?

Never Forget the Important Dates. Hill Valley. Remember. And save the Clock Tower.


Sometimes, you gotta feel sorry for Darth. Only sometimes though. Usually y


D&D was NEVER like this!


Keira, Keira. Eat some cheeseburgers. Please.

Bobbleheads  all look alike


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One Response to Random Picture Round-Up

  1. Kzinti says:

    If she turned much more sideways, she’d disappear. Has she only got two dimensions? Mmm… Baked potatoes… And Daleks. LOL

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