YOU SAY PARTY Lonely Lunch

Found on boingboing.

Alan sez, “I love this video, done by Sean Wainsteim for You Say Party’s’Lonely Lunch.’ It looks like a standard science fiction mini-story, but set in the crowded streets and alleys of an early-21st century Indian city such as Mumbai.”

What he said — not my kind of music particularly, but boy, those are definitely my kind of visuals. Thronged Asian city stalked by high-tech plague doctor swat teams? Yes please.

What they said, except I like the music. Youngest watched it too, and liked it. Very clean. Very interesting. Worth a watch – but be aware the music does not kick in for 45 seconds, and doesn’t really start till 55 seconds in.


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One Response to YOU SAY PARTY Lonely Lunch

  1. Kzinti says:

    Ah crap… Foiled again.

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