True Words



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2 Responses to True Words

  1. Kzinti says:

    [this is true]

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    We call them, “wallpaper problems.” That is the type of problems that some of the wealthy women that I have been around, have. Oh dear, the decorator is late, the new fridge doesn’t look quite right, etc. When in my life, I was stressing over paying a bill, my child’s learning disability and how we could be help him, etc.

    Huge difference. The only people that say money doesn’t make for happiness are the people that have it! They are the only ones with the luxury to say that. I am not seriously saying that I think having money makes one happy. But I do know that not having the heavy stress of financial shortfalls, vacations we cannot take, vehicles that break down……well…..lets just say that these things add a lot of stress to a marriage and a family. Time together, on vacation, help to bring a family closer. I long for things like eating out and going to the movies, or being able to take the kids shopping for clothing would take a lot of the weight off of my shoulders and Mr’s shoulders as well. So, yes, I know people that have “wallpaper problems” and people, like us, that have true struggles.

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