Replica German U-boat cruises alongside barges on British Canal

Via – I do not read this rag, but it’s where the story is

On the barge! The 70ft replica U-boat floats through the narrow waterways of the Leeds-Liverpool canal

Dark and menacing, it prowls the water, torpedo tubes at the ready

But this German U-boat’s captain will never have to issue the order: ‘Dive, Dive, Dive’, because it is a replica canal boat – which floats in just six feet of water.

The 70 foot long ‘killer of  the seas’ surfaced yesterday on Leeds-Liverpool canal at Botany Bay near Chorley, Lancashire.

It is the creation of ‘Admiral’ Cyril Howarth, 78, who was inspired to build an exact replica of the craft which sank 3,000 Allied ships during the Second World War.

I am waiting for An Outcry – people who read the Daily Mail tend to do that over everything.

Imposing: The hull of U-8047 towers over other barges on the canal - and has led to British Waterways requesting an inspection to make sure the boat is safe
It certainly has got style  – compared to the blue, could be in the bathtub barge behind it!

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2 Responses to Replica German U-boat cruises alongside barges on British Canal

  1. Kzinti says:

    Now I want a boat. I miss being out on the water, it’s so relaxing.

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    Wow, it is huge. It makes the blue one look like a small tugboat!

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