Penguin Trousers. Literally.

Via the amazing and wonderful Fashion Police, without whom many crimes of fashion would go unpunished.


Sometimes fashion just makes me cry.

And what I mostly cry is Why dear god, why!

They only come in UK sizes 10 and 12, and cost £372. Cheap, no?

Oh, just in case you thought they looked better from the back..

So, who’s gonna buy me a pair?


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5 Responses to Penguin Trousers. Literally.

  1. Amber says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for the link! Would you mind very much not hotlinking the images from our site, though – it means we have to pay for the extra bandwidth that’s used. If you just upload the image to your own server, it will look just the same 🙂

    • bookmole says:

      Whoops! No problem – I shan’t do it again. Just being lazy… Yours is one of my fave sites ever, visited on a daily basis, and I would hate for bandwidth costs to cause a shutdown.:-(

  2. leendadll says:


    but they remind me of the HORRID pants Seal was wearing when I saw him. I originally thought they were terribly baggy/stretched out sweats. But then I saw tailored pockets. And I realized they fit really well in the bum. It was just the front, with an inseam nearly down to his knees, that was strange (read “ugly”). BAD choice. That’s how I knew, before he said anything, that Heidi wasn’t in town with him.

  3. Kzinti says:


  4. Freedom Smith says:

    Wow. They must have been designed by the maker of the material so they could sell more 🙂 Those are some baggy pants!

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