A Week without Teh Internets

and I am nearly insane.

Sorry, smartphones do not cut it when it comes to accessing the web. I could not see my junk mail. My passwords were giving me loads of trouble. My phones has a tiny tiny screen which is hard to read even with reading glasses.

But Husband is back from Scapa and has fixed everything, He is a bleeding marvel he is!

So what have I been doing this last week-without-teh-internets?

I went to Clacton on Sea for a weekend break. Single room in a hotel – wow, they are small.

Long walks on beaches were involved, plus lots of cups of tea. It was sunny but coldish. On the second day I had the best steak ever. Well, it was pretty damn good!

On the train home I sat with a couple and their friend. I wondered why he immediately put his earphones in and shut his eyes. I soon enough learned because they carried on the same row they must have been having all day. Who paid for this, who paid for that. Who was embarrassing who the most. Who was the worst boyfriend ever. I wanted to move but the train was packed.

And yet, when we got to Liverpool Street station, they got off hand in hand and wandered off together, just proving that you cannot judge what folk will do.

Then – NEW CARPETS! Throughout the house. That was a long day.

Then I took Heidi to the vet, so she could get her hips x-rayed. Yes, she does have hip displacia. And a fucking big abcess which needing cleaning, stitching and draining. I paid the largest bill ever in one swoop – £781.00 for the abcess and the x-rays. Bugger and Thanks for Insurance.

So then I had to take more time off work. Cos I was not leaving her with a cone on her head for 6 hours a day more than needed. She has to have it on at night.

But now I shall be able to post more often.

See you all around!


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One Response to A Week without Teh Internets

  1. Kzinti says:

    This is why I have several computers. You never know when one will go down. And backup with the laptops as well. Worse come to worse, I cna go to to a local hotspot for wireless internet or borrow the neighbors. LOL

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