Middle Son has moved bedrooms. For the first time in his life (and he is 22) he is sleeping alone.

So he rearranged the room, and decided he needed a new TV. He went, with Weird, to Currys on the bus and purchased a 40″ flat screen LCD TV. Bought it home on the bus too. Independent, is Middle. Then Weird connected the TV to the Internet.

Later that day, Daughter walks in. To see how the move was going. She was chatting, then realized – shit; there are people having Sex on the TV. She didn’t notice it straight away because Weird swiveled the telly away from her – until he realized this meant anyone walking past could see the porn and swung it back again. This freaked Daughter out a bit – four guys, sitting on a bed, watching porn together.

I got my eyeful too. I walked in (the door was open!) saying “Hey Middle, this room looks good” only to hear Eldest say “I’m not Middle!” When I looked at him, all I could see was a 12″ penis being sucked. Badly, too. I mean, she pulled away and it came all over her face.

“Good luck with letting a girl actually do that, Eldest”, I said. “Real life is not a porn movie.”

The things they do now they have “grown up” and become “independent” never cease to amaze me.

Sometimes I want them to leave, so I can have a tidy house and less arguments. But then I think of all the fun I would miss.


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  1. lauowolf says:

    am so glad I have a girl

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