Well, that’s disappointing.


No posting videos, no posting music. Not unless we pay. And double damn – we have to pay yearly!

Well, no more cute kitties, dogs on treadmills or late night chillaxing music from me, then.

And all those posts imported from Vox – the links will go down soon.

Damn you, Vox. You had a great platform, then you fucked it up.


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I am pro-choice. You make yours, I'll make mine, okay?

5 Responses to Well, that’s disappointing.

  1. M-----l says:

    I’m not entirely sure about this, but I think you can still post YouTube videos here for free. I put a couple into some of my old posts and they’re working over here without any links back to Vox. And I didn’t have to buy the video upgrade. That might just be for if you want to actually host the videos here.

    • bookmole says:

      Yeah – I found that out by going to the Video Upgrade page. There is a list of sites, including blip.tv, vimeo and youtube, where you can embed for free. However, WP has not (yet?) brought my vids over from Vox. Not sure I can be bothered to update with correct URLs, but then the blog looks a bit scrappy!

      • M-----l says:

        I wasn’t able to bring over any of my videos. They showed up in WordPress as a screen shot and a link back to Vox. I had to manually re-add the ones I wanted directly from YouTube.

        It’s not that inconvenient for me as I’ve never done much with video. You’ve always been very video-oriented, though. Unless I’m mistaken here, you posted that woman falling into a car door. I watched that thing about 30 times. And I don’t even want to admit how many times I watched that busty gal bustin’ out of her top.

        (Please pardon me if you weren’t responsible for those two.)

        • bookmole says:

          Yeah – that was me. I think the busty gal was a gif, so that might still be there. And that car door thing – that was just scary!

          I have only got access to a computer at work right now (good job we are in a quiet period!). But I am gonna have to re-up some shit, that’s for sure.

          Gonna really miss the music, though.

      • leendadll says:

        None of the vox video or pics have actually been imported to WP. when vox shuts down, we’ll lose all the links. If you want to rebuild them, you need to use the Vox Flickr exporter or Ross’ (typeset.vox.com) export to PC option.

        WP allows insert of graphics, video, music, media, and polls with the little “Upload/Insert” bar between new post title and the post formatting icons.

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