Win Some, Lose Some.

I have been busy recently – new kitchen installed, and in the middle of having ALL our public spaces redecorated. By someone else, because between the six of us, we can muster one middling DIYer. We just do not have the enthusiasm for it, preferring to live in a bit of shabby chic and devote our spare time to something else.

But finally shabby chic became unbearable when our shower decided to cast a leak, triggering the 3bar pump to try and empty our hot water tank. Without stopping.

So we got a little cash from the Insurers.

And thought – well, we may as well get the kitchen sorted at the same time… which we did,

A friend did a fantastic and cheap job on our kitchen – he installed it for labour only, so made no profit on the units. Which saved us a fair bit. And it is beautiful, this First Kitchen from New that I have ever had.

Our communal bathroom was done by another friend. Who is now known as RipOffMerchant WhoDoesHeThinkHeIs BastardWanker.

But we found a gem of a workman on the internet who was honest, charged a very reasonable price and did a good enough job for us.

And another friend, who has done stuff for us before (decorated our living room and laid the laminate floor) pretty good, is finishing it all off.

All of which means that this weekend has been spenty emptying a 2m x1.8m office space which contains all the routing and wireless access for the house, the mail server, 15 years of junk, diving shit, computer manuals, sotftware, excess hardware… so much stuff! We found some good stuff, too – all Husband’s Student Union Cards, a photo of his ex, a letter from his Dad.

I cannot believe that this Christmas will be spent in a house with clean bright walls, non-creaky floors with a covering not held together by ducktape, hidden wiring for telephones and cabling – I am so looking forward to it.

And, cos I loves ya,a kitten playing Duck Hunt, two corgis on a treadmill, and a spectacular light show from the Ukraine.

All this has been composed on my Dell notebook – thank god for notebooks, as my computer and sounds are all packed away for now. One decision I need to make, really, is whether I can keep on using this, with my external handy for use, but not taking up a corner of the dining room. Keyboard is small – using a full size usb keyboard to type this, cos otherwise it is point and poke two-finger shit – screen is small, but OK. Has crap sound, but can run good external speakers. Not capable of playing HD stuff without halting.  But it’s new, runs full Windows7 (which I am loving) and has none of the bugs my full-size has.

Other stuff – Daughter lost a job, realised she needs a job, and has got one; Eldest Son lost his job, and has yet to even look for one; Middle Son keeps on trucking at his low-paid but steady work, saving his money; Youngest is getting better slowly and Husband is becoming more and more qualified as a Diver.


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2 Responses to Win Some, Lose Some.

  1. Wow, you have surely been busy with all of that work on your house. I am glad you are nearing the finish of it. I am glad it has turned out to your liking. I had to chuckle at the funny name you gave the one guy that must have done a lousy job!!!

  2. LeendaDLL says:

    Oh…send over your kitchen man! Even with airfare I'd probably get a better deal than I will here. Now that I'm in the kitchen several times a day, mixing my protein shakes, I'm super annoyed by how small and inconvenient it is.Glad you got so much done! My water heater pilot blew out yesterday and I seriously considered having someone come out and install an on-demand heater today rather than remove all the stupid, ill-fitting, covers and relight it myself. Kitchen & bathroom remodels are rapidly climbing to the top of my todo list, despite having NO idea how I'd pay for them.

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