Sex or The Internet?




Apparently, nine million adults in Britain have never used the internet. How do they manage Seriously.

I just had to buy two new mattresses for our sons (18 and 22) bunk beds. The bunk beds come from Ikea, that hellpit of shopping. Husband will not go there with me (anymore). I do not drive. So to buy them I would have to go to my nearest store by train and bus, shop on my own, check out, then phone him for a lift home. Also arranging this to be at the end of his work day. I did that to buy the mattresses in the first place.

And you have to use Ikea as their beds are non-standard sizes here in the UK.

So, what did I do? A mammoth trek? No. I went online, ordered in ten minutes, got delivery confirmation on Saturday, they are arriving on Frdiay.

So, seriously. How do people cope without the internet?




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3 Responses to Sex or The Internet?

  1. I cannot imagine my life without it. I remember life without it and we did cope. But now that we have it, I use it so much, I would be lost without it. I would be lonelier too!

  2. LeendaDLL says:

    ikea beds are non-standard size here as well. i wonder if they're standard in… Sweden?… where ever the heck Ikea is from, or if they just made them up.

  3. Jenn F. says:

    Seriously…. how?

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