QotD: This One Goes To 11

What’s the best music documentary or concert film you’ve seen?

How about not just seen, but been at the filming of?  Cos I was here.  Husband and I, right at the front and to the left (as seen from the audience).

This was filmed at my favourite venue for shows – The Carling Academy, Brixton.  I have seen a lot of bands here (The Streets, Alanis Morisette, Dido and Faithless) but Moloko’s show topped the lot.

It turned out to be their final performance as a band (shame!) and was the last night of their Statues tour.  Roisin Murphy (pronounced RoSheen with a very small break between the Ro and the Sheen and the emphasis on Sheen, just in case you are interested) performed with heart and soul and the voice of a small goddess.  Husband fell in love, and was cursing not being front central, for the crowd surfing.

The sold-out performance at The Brixton Academy was recorded by director Dave Carruthers and became the basis for their critically adored “11,000 CLICKS” DVD.  Roisin is now a solo artist of some strength, though I did not manage to get tickets to see her performing this November in London – anyone out there can help on this, please please do!

So, a couple of the songs on 11,000 Clicks.

And I forgot to say – Husband got the DVD from the Moloko site, and Roisin autographed it for him.  How cool is that!

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