Stalking You, Stalking Me The Musical

It’s just I have this thing for Stalker Songs.  This played this morning, and I thought Hey, I will share with the Stalkerz group!  This is, I think, the letter I was trying to write!

Hey what’s that in the alley with a knife in her hand
I think it’s that girl from the autograph stand
She looks kind of sad does she understand
That we’re only doin’ our job
Tryin’ to make her happy when we play these songs
But now the show’s over, she’s commin’ over knife above her shoulder
I told ya, I told ya, I told ya, I told ya

CHORUS : Run for your life
You’ll wish you had when she
Cuts you with that knife
And leaves you
Laying on the sidewalk
With your
Heart in your hand

If you see a girl with a knife riding on your bus with my name
Written on her face don’t make a fuss
Don’t rush take time this girl’s dangerous
To guys like me who are on TV
Jamaican celebrities can hardly believe
That you’re going to act weird when you see ‘em on the street
If you’ve seen what I’ve seen then you’re better to believe, to believe me


Hi Jarvis could you sign this for me please.
Sure.  No Problem.
Just make it out to Esthero.
Oh my god, I can hardly believe I’m actually talking to you.
Did you like the show?
I loved the show.
Actually I know everything about you.
I know where you live
I know your telephone number.
And I like to watch you at night and

I like to drive by, where you live at
I never stop though ‘cause your wife is always home
And I know if she were to look into my eyes she would see that
We are in love yes we are in love
I’m so glad that we’re together now
(Could someone call security)
Did you get that package I sent you?


Run for your life, you’ll be lying in the sidewalk with your heart in your hands


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10 Responses to Stalking You, Stalking Me The Musical

  1. This fits so well. Not me. The group >>

  2. Yod says:

    ohhh hahahhahah great song choice. I would add to the list an unreleased song from Radiohead called "All I Need"'m the next act
    waiting in the wings
    I'm a flash flood
    running through your ground floor
    I am all the days
    that you choose to ignore
    You are all I need
    You are all I need
    I'm in the middle of a picture
    Lying in the leaves

    I'm a cloud of moths
    who just wants to share your light

    I'm just an insect
    trying to get out of the night
    You only stick with me
    because there are no others
    You are all I need
    You are all I need
    I'm in the middle of a picture
    Lying in the leaves

    It's all wrong
    It's all right
    It's all wrong

  3. W. B. Mook says:

    Hehe. Do you have the Kirsty MacColl song "Treachery"?

  4. Bookmole says:

    No. But, if it is another stalker song, I am sure iTunes will be able to provide. But I would not be able to share though.

  5. Bookmole says:

    I just checked, and Treachery IS on Tropical Brainstorm. And I have that. So I checked again and – voila – it's just iTunes playing silly buggers with my library again!

  6. W. B. Mook says:

    Good to hear. I was going to post it if you hadn't heard. It's a pretty fun song.

  7. Yvette says:

    Oh, we were so on the same thought. I just posted a different song to Stalkerz, with a very similar heading. I came looking for #21. Did you post it to the group?

  8. Yvette says:

    Never mind…just found it. Running off to read…

  9. Bookmole says:

    Glad you reminded me of Tropical Brainstorm – In These Shoes is one of her best ever tracks! Am going to post it right now, because, hey – every gal could do with a pair of fuck-me shoes.

  10. Bookmole says:

    Look at the picture – Esthero IS the scary stalker!

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