5wordchallenge: Solitaire

This is how it works: you get 5 words and with these 5 words you have to write an entry. The words might or might not be related. You decide how to combine them, and how long your entry will be. You tag your entry with 5wordchallenge and whatever other tags you like. Finally, you put the words in bold.

This week’s challenge: paws, shadow, ring, airy, chicken

In one week the challenge will be passed on to someone who participated in this one, hosted by Pearl.


The moon can cast a shadow. I never realised until I moved from the city to live by the sea just how much light the moon gives out.  Its silvery light is pale, but oddly illuminating, and makes the conservatory seem airy and large.

I sit in the conservatory on moon full nights.  I can sometimes hear the mice, the chittering they make, and the sound of their paws behind the skirting.  But mostly I am alone here, just as I like it.  No ring of the phone, no knock on the door.  I sit and I watch and I wait.

Last night the fox got into the chicken coop again.  How disappointed he was to discover they were already gone; gone to my stew pot and my freezer. I spent most of yesterday killing and plucking them.  I shall feed him scraps, now.  My neighbours would be angry.  They see him as vermin, a pest; I like the way the moon shines on his back, how he sniffs and prances round the garden.

If I still had a dog, it would be different.  But she, along with Mark, is buried under the tree in the garden of the house we shared, in London.  One day, someone will find them.  They will modernise, they will decide they don’t need a gazebo when the furthest point you see is the neighbours’ house.  And then they will come looking for me.

Until then, I shall sit here.  In my conservatory.  By the light of the moon.  Feeding the strays and weeding.


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9 Responses to 5wordchallenge: Solitaire

  1. Mathilde says:

    I remember someone saying that they don't write. Liar.

    This is awesome.

  2. Bookmole says:

    I did say that, didn't I. Thank you for the compliment.

  3. Ross says:

    I liked this, very strong with a nice feeling to it.P.S. I'm not sure why you didn't allow comments in the group post – I had to click back onto your blog to leave a comment…

  4. Bookmole says:

    Cos I am a silly who forgets to tick the Allow Comments in Groups box! Changed now – and I bet I don't get another comment lol

  5. formance says:

    Love the pairing of love of solitude and nature, even the fox. The hint of serial killer felt extraneous rather than core but that's probably just me.

  6. Ross says:

    I think serial killer might be wrongly characterizing this narrator – after all, he/she only killed 1 person and 1 dog. And to me, the feeling of the piece is entirely dependent on this part – the narrator is living in isolation with full knowledge that at some point in time, his/her actions will catch up with him/her and the the solitude will end. This takes a scene that started off soft and comfortable and morphs it into a situation where the idea of eventual punishment hangs over the narrator's head like a sword dangling from a frayed rope. It is amazing how the last 2 paragraphs entirely change the feel of the piece.

  7. formance says:

    ah, true, "and then they will come looking for me" I took too much out of. One is supposed to bury a person by authorized means. That aspect fits in better.

  8. Joy says:

    Loved the mood of this piece, how well "built" it was and suggestive rather than explanatory.

  9. Bookmole says:

    Thank you, all you lovely people who have said nice things about this piece of writing.I tried to leave as much up to the reader's imagination as possible while still trying to get across the point – Ross has it spot-on, too. What I like most about 5word challenge is trying to keep the piece as short as possible: to be concise. I think I got it right with this one. Glad to know there are others out there who liked it too.(blushes – feels embarrassed cos who the fuck still blushes at 50! – runs and hides)

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