Walking With Heidi

Yesterday was the first day of summer.  Maybe not officially (have to wait until 21st June for that) but it sure felt like it.  Warm, sunny and calm.  Birdsong and Butterflies.

So I took Heidi off to Roxbourne Park.  It is a two mile-ish walk to get there, so I don’t do it every day. 

It is a lovely park.  Compared to Drake Park (where I usually go) on a Saturday afternoon, it was like heaven!  Drake Park becomes really unwalkable with a dog during the summer afternoons.  There are groups of Indians eating and BBQ'ing and freaking when a dog goes near them – hello, you are cooking – wtf did you expect!?  There are groups of West Indians playing cricket and freaking when a dog goes near them – hello, this is a park…  And there are groups of yutes hanging round, drinking and smoking and making noise – and freaking when – yes, I think you got it.

So, Roxbourne Park.  A break from freaking out people.

There are lots of bits to Roxbourne Park – where I walk to, the first park is The Brook Walk.  Like a country lane – a brook running along one side, woods along the other.  Much chasing of – well, who knows, really; just much chasing.  In the water, out of the water.  In the woods, out of the woods.  Pant, Heidi, pant.  Run, Heidi, run.  Much fun. 

Then there is the little open section with the no-longer-functioning crazy golf course.  This leads on to the second section of brook.  Here there are allotments on one side, and park on the other.  Again, peace, quiet and chasing. 

The end of the brook section and you have to turn back on yourself and walk back, almost on top of yourself.  Here there is the miniature narrow-gauge railway.  It runs afternoons only during the summer holidays, with Halloween and Christmas specials.  Fortunately, this was not running at 6.30 pm on a Saturday afternoon.

Then you veer to the right, past all the houses with back gates onto the park.  Magical.  I would so love to have one of those houses!  The gates look like they lead into fairyland, or into one of those children's stories I read years ago – Enid Blyton or Beatrix Potter would have felt right at home here. 

This leads to the Nature Reserve, which is a marvelous place to let your dog run free if you have any recall problems, bounded as it is by houses with fences on three sides and the railway on the fourth and only two entrances.  It is even more quiet and peaceful here (unless a train is passing lol!), with seats, shade and sunny spots too.

The last part of the walk leads to the area where the people are.  Here are the football pitches, the area to play cricket, the picnicking area and the children's playground.  This area is the reason Roxbourne Park is such a good place to take your dog for a good long walk – all the freaking-out people congregate here and leave the rest of the park to walkers, joggers, cyclists and doggie people. 

I think during this whole walk I saw about 20 people.  I actually went round one and half times – I would have done more, but I realised that walking for 3 hours was enough for one day!


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One Response to Walking With Heidi

  1. Kzinti says:

    Wow, that’s a long walk. Sounds like the two of you would go home and take a nap afterward. Burns a lot of energy chasing “things” around all day. LOL

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