QotD: What I Meant To Say Was…

How many times do you usually re-edit posts? What is the most common reason for doing so?
Submitted by Mr. Guilt.

I post everything as hidden until I have looked at it.  This is (unfortunately) due to Vox's strange way of changing how my post looks.

I generally do posts in Word first, so I can spell-check and shit.  I hate typos – too many years as a secretary to let those past!  So usually, the edit is just for formatting.

So, Mr Guilt, do I get the job?


Edited 4 times, then cut and paste into Word, re-edited, put into Vox.  

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One Response to QotD: What I Meant To Say Was…

  1. Kzinti says:

    Bit OCD there? LOL

    I always check mine, not always 100% correctly, because I’m dyslexic and my brain and fingers do not get along so well while trying to express ideas…

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